Great Boyfriend Gift Ideas

"I love your boyfriend gift ideas for artists! My boyfriend is a sculptor and I found ideas for all his Christmas presents here. Thank you!"

Jordan in HI

Really the thanks goes to you all for sending in these creative boyfriend gift ideas!

Some of these boyfriend gift ideas are romantic, some just friendly. A few are adventuresome or expensive, but many are homemade. All of them are fun...

...and I love adding the new ones from you! 

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Other Visitors' Boyfriend Gift Ideas

Look at these great boyfriend gift ideas submitted by visitors:

Personalized Guitar Picks 
I got my boyfriend a set of 12 personalized guitar picks with our faces on one side and a little note on the other. He loves them and showed them off to …

You Light My Fire 
Find a really nice lighter and have it engraved with You Light My Fire. I did this for my husband about forty-five years ago when he was my boyfriend and …

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