The Boyfriend Christmas Gift Idea List

It has to be just right, doesn't it? You want your boyfriend's Christmas gift idea to show how you feel about him, how well you know him, how creative you are 

- a pretty tall order!

A unique computer keyboard makes a distinctive gift.

Is he a writer? A vintage-feel typewriter keyboard makes a satisfying clackety-clack. 

Is he a gamer? A customizeable mechanical gaming keyboard might be on his wish list...

Give him a football game kit. Start with a large plastic bucket or bowl in a team color.  Fill the bowl with team color T-shirts, blanket, thermos, seat pad, etc. Add a cornhole game for halftime.

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Magnetic poetry kits are fun to keep on the fridge. Guys can't help but play with them!

Give him a gift certificate for a day of playing paintball or Airsoft at an indoor or outdoor range.

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Get him an unusual plant or several small plants, like a bonsai tree or succulent collection. My husband enjoyed and faithfully cared for six miniature cactus plants I got him one year - I never dreamed he would like them as much as he did!

Or get him a unique planter/aquarium AND a fish!

Does he snore? These attractive magnetic bracelets are reported to help with that!

A new, minimalist wallet and smart key holder are great gift ideas.

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