Boss Gift Ideas

Will your boss gift idea send the right message? Are you even supposed to get gifts for the boss? Here are my favorite - and appropriate - boss gifts.

To me, the best on this page are the group gifts. When you join together, gift giving doesn't feel awkward or contrived. Some of the gifts only need a small contribution from each person - 10.00 or less.

Note: Before you choose a gift, check your company rules. Some companies forbid employees giving gifts to the management. They think it looks a little too much like a bribe. Find out before you buy.

Just From You

T-shirt for a local team plus tickets to one of their games

Gourmet gift basket with smoked salmon, caviar, tins of oysters, artichoke hearts, etc.

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Gadget to make the work easier: Calculator, pocket recorder, timer, measuring device, etc.

Desktop cup cooler/warmer or super insulated mug

Variety of gourmet sauces such as mustard, barbeque sauce, salad dressing, marinade, etc.

The Gift of Appreciation

Learning to communicate encouragement and appreciation is an important skill for everyone in professional relationships. Whether your are the boss or an employee, applying the principles in this book will help you to give the gift of  affirmation to everyone around you.

The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People

From the Whole Group

Photo thanks to Virginia Holstead

When everyone chips in a little, you suddenly can afford a much nicer a night or weekend at a bed and breakfast or resort so the boss can spend some time relaxing!

Here are more group gift ideas:

Printed memory book with comments from the whole staff on the high points of the year - Include pictures of events and staff/customer interaction, company ads, plus testimonials or thank-yous from customers.

Satellite radio with a one year subscription

Book of gift certificates for lunch at places that deliver

Passes to a variety of local attractions or events (county fair, speedway, museum, downtown festival, etc.) or season passes to a theater or other venue.

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