Boredom Cure Capsule

by Jennie
(Edison, NJ)

To make a Boredom Cure Capsule, all you need is a large see thru bottle and some colored paper!

Cut the paper into 3-4 inch squares.
On each piece, write an an activity and then crumple the paper into a little tight wad. Here are some activity ideas, but you can adapt these to the child or children who will receive this gift:

Make a little booklet showing games you can play using only rocks and then paint some rocks to play with. (Ideas: Mancala, Five Rocks, Tic Tac Toe, etc.)

Make your own pom poms from yarn or paper and play a toss game.

Carve your own stamp from a potato, eraser, or other item and use paint to make prints.

Make a mini pinata using paper mache.

Make beads from rolled strips of paper and a tiny bit of glue.

String the beads into a necklace.

Play seek and find by having the person who is “it” hide a number of objects in a room and the others try to find them.

Draw or paint a mandala.

Design a tiny puppet theater and a mini puppet show.

Build a castle out of cardboard.

Make your own set of lick and stick stickers by cutting pictures from magazines and painting them with a gelatin solution made from 1 part Jello to 2 parts boiling water.

Learn a jump rope song and/or have a jump rope contest.

Make homemade bubble solution outdoors or in the kitchen sink and experiment to see what is the biggest bubble you can blow.

Act out the parts of one of your favorite movies or books.

Call a family member you have not talked to in a long time.

Pretend you are a photo journalist documenting your life with a camera today and select five or ten pictures that really capture your family to unveil at the end of the day.

Put topics on strips of paper in a bowl. Take turns drawing a strip and giving a two minute speech on the topic.

Search for bugs in the yard and collect them in a jar.

Make a tent in the living room.

Copy a drawing from your favorite book!

Create your own mini hockey game using a milk jug lid and the dining table!

Make a giant poster sized card for a friend!

Draw a cool spider!

Make a paper chain to decorate your room!

Create a dance to go with your favorite song!

Set up a miniature museum with a tiny collection!

Cut out all different face parts from catalogs and put them together to make a new face!

Have a paper airplane contest!

Put the wads of paper into the bottle and close it. Make a label for the bottle that says Boredom Cure Capsule – In case of boredom, take one or two as needed.

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