Beaded Watch Band

by Diane
(Great Falls, MT USA)

My sister in law had a beaded watch band made with safety pins with a matching colored watch face. I decided with the beads I had and some new ones, I would give it a try.

You bead up your safety pins - you need around 70 they say. Then I got really heavy stretchy clear string and strung them through the watch holes and each safety pin's top and circle (bottom).

I later looked at my sister in law's again and saw that the ones she had had claw clips and built in pins in the watches. I am going to try that next.

I can only find colored faces on ebay by They sell them for $31 for six. Note from Mel: Some people find used watches with ugly bands at the thrift store or garage sales and cut the old band off.

Tip - Use small to medium sized beads. I like using some SW Crystals, however you can use just seed beads if you would like.

From Mel:
Thanks, Diane for submitting this beaded watch band idea! I was just starting to think about what my children could make as Christmas presents and this would be perfect for my daughter to work on for grandmas and aunts.

I found more instructions and some GREAT PHOTOS at one of my favorite sites -

These directions use a solid piece of elastic, which some people may already have on hand.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. I'd love to see pictures of your finished watch band!

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Good idea
by: Claire

That's awesome! I mean if you have time to do it that is a really personalised gift! :)
I love it
Feel free to check out my ideas for christmas too:

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