Armchair Organizer Pockets Craft Gifts for Dad

This arm chair organizer is one of the easiest craft gifts for dad! Here's how to make it:

1. Cut a strip of fabric 10-15 inches wide (you'll need to hem the sides) and long enough to hang over each arm of your dad's favorite chair AND go under the seat cushion. If you don't want it to hang over both arms, you can just make it long enough to go under the cushion and over one arm, but he may not be able to put heavy items in the pockets.

2. Hem all four sides of your strip.

3. Cut out pockets to attach to your arm chair organizer near the ends so that these pockets will be hanging on the outside of the arm of the chair. (Once again, leave room to turn under the edges of the pockets. )

4. Attach the pockets, being careful to make sure that the opening side of each pocket is facing the correct way. If you make them all the same, you will have some pockets upside down!

Note: Be sure to pick a nice color/print for your arm chair organizer that fits in with the decorations of the room or find a fabric that matches the chair very closely so that the organizer doesn't stand out.

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