A Memory Quilt

When my son was young I worked at a company in southern Missouri that made hats. This was the era of the sixties and everyone had a crazy hat of some sort. My company made many of those hats. Each day I would bring home scraps from the factory. At that time it was just him and me and money was very tight. Very often I used these scraps to mend our clothes. Thirty years later I was married to a wonderful man who had provided a great living for me. My son had grown up and was married with a family of his own. We were fixing to move to a new house when I found a sack of scraps. Memories came flooding back of the times I had mended his clothes with those scraps. I started to throw the scraps away when a thought came to me. I washed the scraps and made them into a quilt. That Christmas my son got the quilt for Christmas. He was so happy that he nearly cried. Those scraps had mended his clothes when he was young and now they made a wonderful Christmas present. I hope he will cherish that quilt for a very long time.

From Mel:
What memorable items does your family have that could be remade into a quilt (small wall sized or comforter sized)? It might be Grandpa's flannel shirts, Dad's sports jerseys, a pillow case you loved as a child, or too-small baby clothes.

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