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Mel's Unique Holiday Gift Ideas - A Homemade Valentine Gift Idea Full of Memories
February 10, 2008

A Homemade Valentine Gift Idea
Full of Memories
Your Very Own Love Story

All you need to get started on this homemade valentine gift idea is a paper and pencil. You don't need fancy language and professional writing skills. Simply write as though you are telling a friend your own love story. In your own way of talking tell about:

  • The time and place where you met your valentine
  • How you felt on your first date
  • How you knew you fell in love
  • When you proposed or were proposed to
  • When and where you first kissed
  • When and where you married each other

Now you only have to decide how you want to present your memories. Here are a few suggestions:

  • In a scrapbook or photo album, intersperse the story you have written with photographs of the two of you.
  • Using what you have written as notes, record yourself with a video camera. If you want to share your story with others, post it online.
  • Create a treasure hunt for your valentine with part of your story hidden with each clue.
  • Write out the story on parchment paper, using calligraphy or other fancy handwriting. Roll the paper up and tie with a ribbon.
  • Sign up online for a website with Geocities, Myspace, Google or one of the other many free hosting companies. Design your very own page about your love story with the easy instructions online. You can even blog about your memories.

However you decide to present your recollection of the romantic past, your valentine is sure to enjoy reading his or her very own, true to life love story!

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