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Make a Holiday Food Gift Basket – 3 Easy Ideas!
December 01, 2009

Make a Holiday Food Gift Basket
3 Easy Ideas!

Bursting full of fun and delicious treats, a holiday food gift basket will make a great gift for coworkers, teachers, family or friends. Best of all, they come together in just a few minutes!

Christmas Cookie Basket
Start this basket out with sugar cookie dough rolls (store bought or homemade is up to you) OR dry sugar cookie mix. Put in some tubs and tubes of colored frosting, Christmas sprinkles, tinted sugar and your favorite cookie toppings such as coconut, chocolate chips, m&ms, etc.
Optional extras: a few Christmas cookie cutters, a cookie jar instead of the basket

Garland Gift Basket
Pop a cup or two of popcorn and put it in a see through plastic bag. Add another bag with fresh cranberries, some heavy duty thread or fishing line and a couple of large needles. If the basket is for a child, you may want to include instructions on knotting the thread around the first and last cranberries.
Optional extras: CD of Christmas music, other fruits like golden raisins

Cheese Gift Basket
Choose three or four different cheese ball recipes, including at least one sweet flavor. Form the cheese balls and coat each one with nuts, spices, bacon bits, etc. Refrigerate in the coldest part of your fridge to make them very firm, then wrap with plastic wrap. You can gather the wrap into a little poof at the top and tie with ribbon. Arrange the balls in the basket and add one or two kinds of crackers.
Optional extras: a serving dish, small decorative spreading knives

If you don't have time to put together your own holiday food gift basket, skip right over to Design It Yourself Gift Baskets where you can point and click at what you want in your basket. They will do it up nice for you and mail it right out with free shipping on most baskets!

Happy Holiday from Mel, the Gift Girl!

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