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Creative Valentine Day Gift Ideas from Mel, the Gift Girl
February 09, 2009

Mel's Creative Valentine Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few creative valentine day gift ideas for those you love!

Decorate a notebook with romantic scrapbook stickers. Next write the beginning of a love story in the notebook. Wrap it up with a card explaining that this story needs the collaboration of two authors. Invite your valentine to write the next part of the story and then return the notebook for you to add the next part and so forth and so on...

Buy or make a box of chocolates, but before wrapping the box, put a love note (or note of encouragement) under each chocolate.

Put together a valentine party in a box with decorations, a game or craft project, and fun treats.

Buy a new or used solid colored t-shirt. Black, red or pink are good valentine colors. Use pastel fabric paint and a large heart stencil (which you can cut out of an empty cereal box) to sponge a heart on the front of the t-shirt. After the heart dries, use a red fabric marker or red puffy paint to letter on a candy heart message.

Write a good old fashioned love letter and fold it up tiny to fit inside a locket.

This valentine gift will keep romance alive all year! Write on pink and red hearts the names of favorite restaurants or new ones you want to try. Put all the hearts in a fun gift bag or container. Give the package with a card instructing your valentine to draw one heart monthly on the 14th to find out where you will be going for lunch or dinner.

Surprises are even better when they come in split up your bunch of flowers and leave them where they will be found one at a time all day long.

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Best wishes from Mel, the Gift Girl

I'd love to hear what you come up with for this Valentine's Day gift and how your valentine likes it! Just reply to this email and tell me about your own unique ideas!

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