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The Best Gift for Mom & A Fun Contest from Mel, the Gift Girl
April 30, 2009

The Best Gift for Mom & A Fun Contest
from Mel, the Gift Girl

The best gift for mom doesn't have to cost a lot of money and it doesn't have to add clutter to her home. The best gifts are memorable experiences! These are 3 ideas that can help you give mom a Mothers Day she'll never forget. (The last one is my own personal fantasy Mothers Day gift!)

Plan a Mothers Day tea party for mom and a few of her favorite guests. Dress up all helpers in their finest clothes and prepare the “wait staff” to create a fine dining experience. Prepare conversation starter questions to place at each place and party favors for the guests to take home. Be sure to create ambiance with music that fits your theme. Serve fun desserts and hot or iced tea...or combine the tea party with the next idea for an afternoon theater.

Write, rehearse, and perform a short musical in mom's honor. You don't have to be a Rogers and Hammerstein, but since this musical is for your mom and not for profit, feel free to borrow and copy from any great songwriters, changing lyrics as needed to fit your script. If you are fresh out of musical genius, maybe one of these titles will spark your imagination:
The Secret Life of Mom
The Day Mom Ran Away
Mother on the Roof

Plan a special weekend for mom. No, don't send her on a trip. Instead, let mom stay at home and everyone else leave! Make sure the house is reasonably clean, her favorite foods are in the fridge, and she knows everyone else is well cared for. Then let whatever she wants.

You can see more brand new experience gift ideas, plus dozens of new homemade and store bought Mothers Day gifts at

Now for the Contest! You can win 4 lbs. of Retro Candy from the Old Time Candy Company when you submit your Mothers Day gift ideas.
Click here
for details.

Happy Mothers Day from Mel, the Gift Girl!

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