So Many
12 Days of Christmas

Gifting the 12 days of Christmas may seem like a daunting task, however, there are so many different ways of doing it that there is bound to be one that suits both you and the recipient.  This collection of 12 days of Christmas theme ideas should help you settle on a great plan!

Ways to Gift
12 Days of Christmas

One small gift each day leading up to Christmas

A simple way to give the 12 days of Christmas like this is to go with a single theme like a charm bracelet, nativity set, or tree ornaments. To make shopping even easier, you can buy a complete set all at one time, and then give one piece each day until the set is complete.

Ornaments:  Go with a literal 12 Days of Christmas ornament set, or make up your own set of ornaments depicting special events or occasions from the past year.   If you travel alot, start planning now for next year, and pick up an ornament from each location you visit throughout the next year!

You can also purchase a separate display tree for the collection, to be given on day 1, just be sure to match the scale of the tree to the size of the ornaments to be sure it can hold them all!

Charm Bracelet

Two basic styles: Clip-on charms go on a link style chain, while Pandora-style charms go on a snake chain. 

More 12 Days of Christmas Themes:

Give your children 12 nights of Christmas bedtime stories, and have them looking forward to bedtime every night!

Start a tradition of 12 days of family game time, with a new game every day during the holiday season!

Want to give 12 days of small Christmas gifts to a class, or host a party with a 12 days of Christmas theme? Here are 12 days of Christmas candy ideas.