12 Days of Christmas Games

Start a fun family tradition of having a game night for the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Give a new game as a family gift each night. Great for family evenings at home, or fun for the kids to share with a babysitter while mom and dad are out for the evening.  

Pop some popcorn, build a fire, and enjoy 12 nights of family fun! 

12 days of christmas games gift ideas

Great Games for Holiday Fun

These games are great for family game nights or holiday parties. Many are also small enough to make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, or take to a gift exchange!

Fun Family Pajama Sets for Christmas Morning

These games are great for larger groups:

Many classic games also have a modified version for kids, or a travel version, or a themed version.

Play all of your favorite card games with a new deck of playing cards with your favorite holiday movie theme! 

Another great holiday tradition is to have a puzzle out to work on. Give this on one of the first nights, so that it can be worked on during free moments during the whole Christmas vacation.

Not all games have to be board games!  Buy one game, have a 12 Day Christmas Tournament!

12 Days of Christmas Party Themes and Gift Ideas

12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Kids

Great Family Gift Ideas