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12 Days
for Hunters

Want to give 12 Days of Christmas gifts to the hunter or outdoorsman in your life?

From Emily in Indiana:  One year for Christmas I followed the twelve days of Christmas for my husband, who is an avid hunter. I had seen a list online somewhere and modified it a little. Here is what I got him:

Day 1: Cartridges in a Pine Tree - Rifle Ammo hidden outside in our tree

Day 2: Two Snow Gloves 

Day 3: Three Cornish Game Hens, roasted

Day 4: A bird call - You could also do four cold beers if this is not a bird hunter

Day 5: Ring made from a bullet casing

Day 6 : Gray Goose vodka w/ six shot glasses

Day 7: Seven hunting decoys

Day 8: Unscented, odor-neutralizing goat milk soap

Day 9: Warm socks 

Day 10: A nice pair of insulated rain boots

Day 11: Tobacco for his once-in-awhile pipe

Day 12: A calendar with pictures of our family hunting

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