12 Days of Christmas Gifts for Kids

Want to give12 days of Christmas gifts to your children, but don't want all the commercialism of so many toys?

Give kids the twelve days of Christmas as bedtime stories!  Make bedtime during the holiday season something to look forward to each night, and start a special holiday tradition. 

12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Twelve Books of Christmas

A great way to give 12 days of Christmas gifts to young children is to give them one new book every night at bedtime for the 12 nights leading up to Christmas. Looking forward to a new story makes bedtime something to look forward to each evening, and Little Golden Books make a plan like this very affordable!  Give 12 random books, or 12 special Christmas stories, or a mix of both, so that some can stay on the shelf all year long, and some can get packed away for next year.

Kids love secrets, and codes, and the 12 Days of Christmas are no exception! Each one of the gifts is a symbol that helps tell the story of God's love for mankind.

The actual "12 days of Christmas" start on Christmas Day, and bridge the gap between Christ's birth and Epiphany (Jan. 6, St. Nicholas Day). These books will help you explain the true meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas to your children.

For beginning readers, a new book every evening may be either motivational or overwhelming, so be willing to read new stories TO them at least once before having them try to read it if that makes it more comfortable for them.

It may be cheaper to buy boxed sets and simply give them out one at a time. If the set includes more than 12 books, use the extras as gifts for other kids on your list!

It helps beginning readers to read books they already know the words to. these familiar Christmas songs are beautifully illustrated, and can help children feel familiar with what they are trying to read.

For older kids, your 12 books could be all from one series, or 12 random books by mixed authors. 

I have yet to hear of any kid who doesn't love Hank the Cowdog!

Who says socks and underwear are a BAD gift??? Make them fun, and the kids will never notice!

More fun socks for the whole family!

Advent Traditions

Start an advent tradition of wrapping each piece of the nativity set and reading a short devotional or part of the Christmas story every evening before bed to teach children about the birth of baby Jesus.

The Elf on the Shelf

Kids of all ages (and their parents!) have been having fun with The Elf on the Shelf in the days leading up to Christmas.

Give your family 12 days of Christmas Games

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