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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas
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Every year you hear unique holiday gift ideas that sound extra imaginative and fun. Then when you actually need one, every clever thought goes right out of your head!

When I was young, I started writing down any really great holiday gift idea for quick reference. Then I organized all the ideas on a website. Next thing you know, people from all over the world are sharing their favorite gift ideas here!

Great selection of high quality teas for the tea lover on your gift list!

Store Bought and Online Gifts
While I do shop at WalMart and have definitely put together some great last minute gifts at the dollar store, my favorite places to shop for gifts are small unique companies.

You'll find plenty of store bought holiday gift ideas throughout this site...and that includes everything from high end to thrift stores!

Homemade Gift Ideas
When I make someone a gift, I want to create something classy....and that is just what you will find here - handmade gifts with taste and pizzazz.

Experience Gifts
If you want to run an analysis, I am sure there is a psychological description for the reason why experience gifts are a favorite, but my own reasons are simple - I like the memories.

I have designed many treasure hunts and I love turning a trip into a gift. One of my favorite birthday gifts ever was a day of canoeing with friends.

Check out all the awesome adventure gifts on this site...and send me your own great ideas!